Goals for 2019 with Your Love <3

Happy New Year!!! Can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly! You know what that means - New Goals for the New Year! This is a special year because you and your significant other can make resolutions together. This is when the word TEAM comes in. Below are some of our suggestions for “New”lywed resolutions that can help strengthen your relationship.


Turn Working Out into Quality Time

If you have been eating a lot of yummy, but junky food lately, maybe it is time to make a New Year’s Resolution with your partner to start changing your eating habits and hit the gym together. Couples that sweat together, stay together ;) It is always best when you have someone in your life that supports and motivates you to do better. This is a goal that will help both of you push one another to work toward a healthier lifestyle. Building in this quality time will keep your relationship happy and healthy too!!!

Commit to Weekly (but Spontaneous) Dates

I think we speak for all women, we LOVE our romantic date nights! However, sometimes our schedules get so hectic or the kids are running around and date night gets cancelled. Maybe it is time for both of you to make it a priority to at least have a special date one time out of the week. It does not have to be a date “night,” it could be a “day” date too. Keep the fire burning by planning different kind of dates. Bring the old teen days back andspice up your love life with one another. To make this a little easier, try making a date jar with activities that you both like. Whenever it is date time, pull out a new surprise date activity. Don’t fall into a mundane routine. Shake up your date time practice and add a little spontaneity to your relationship.


Learn Something New Together


Explore a new hobby together. Bring something fresh into your friendship by learning how to do something you would enjoy doing with one another. Your partner is your right-hand person and your best friend. So why not pick something trendy and exciting to do with your best friend? Why not try rock climbing and be able to feel free with your partner? Or start learning how to play an instrument to make beautiful music together. Join an art class and learn to be creative with one another or take dance lessons to show everyone your funky moves. There are so many workshops and classes to sign up for easily online these days, make it happen!  


We know it can be difficult when picking a New Year Resolution as a couple, but taking the time to do so will start the year off right and keep your relationship lively all year round. Communicating about your priorities and goals helps you move toward each other and provides clear expectations and strategies for success! Below are some other Resolutions that you and your partner can do to make 2019 better than 2018.



Other Ideas for your New Year Resolution List: 

  • Learn how to cook 

    • Take cooking classes with one another, so you’re able to switch off who makes dinner.  

  • Teach one another a new skill  

    • Take the opportunity to teach your partner something you’re good at.  

  • Kick a bad habit 

    • Petty fights, drinking, sleeping in too long, too much sugar, or not working out. Encourage one another to succeed.  

  • Meet new people 

    • Don’t just spend all your time with your loved one, go out with your partner and meet new people and start double dating.  

  • Put the technology down 

    • Stop using the technology and communicate with one another. DO SOMETHING ELSE, BESIDE BEING ON YOUR PHONE OR LAPTOP.  

  • Volunteer together  

    • Spare a bit of your time and together you can serve others from the heart.  

  • Agree to strengthen your relationship 

    • The most important thing is to know that both of you are happy in the relationship. Make it a priority to keep it that way and make it even stronger. 

Couple | Brooke Pensivy & Michael Cristalli

Photographer | Conner Pensivy

Location | Mount Charleston