Tips For Hiring A Wedding Photographer


There are so many elements involved in wedding planning and choosing your photographer should be at the top of your priority list! Your photographers spend almost every minute of your wedding day with you, so they should be more than just “pleasant,” and your photos will last a life time, so you better be OBSESSED with them! Below are some tips for you when you are deciding who to hire as your wedding day photographer. Enjoy! 

Consider the style of photography you like best. 

What style of photos are you most drawn to? Are they dark and moody, light and airy, vibrant in color? What style matches your personality? Take time researching different photographers and their work. Instagram and websites are a great place to look at a photographer’s style, but don’t hesitate to ask to see full albums or a portfolio if you want to see more of their work.  

Take Engagement Pictures as a “Trial Run.” 

Take engagement photos with your wedding photographer so you know how they work and the first time you interact with them isn't on your wedding day. You are spending the majority of your wedding day with your photographer, so you want to feel comfortable with them. Also, you want to make sure that you like their editing style. Worst case scenario, if you get your engagement photos back and don't like them, you still have time to find a new photographer for the wedding. Do you like the poses that the photographer uses? Notice the personality style of the photographer. Is he/she bold enough to give directives or notice the details that are out of place and need to be adjusted (such as hair, dress, flowers, etc.). You want your photographer to be confident and competent behind the camera and work with you to make the experience feel not only natural, but enjoyable!  

Build your timeline with your photographer in mind. 

The photographer works according to the timeline of the day, but also needs enough time to capture every important moment. When building your wedding day timeline, consider time of sunset, first look, family portraits, etc. Planners should always consult with the photographer to ensure there is enough time budgeted for everything. Make sure a second shooter is also hired if you have a big bridal party or tight time frame. If you hire a photographer for 8 hours, decide what is more important for you, the getting ready photos or the grand departure? Consider the photographer’s needs, and make sure the photographers can eat while you are eating so they are fed and ready to take photos when the reception events begin again! 

Budget for photography. 

Photography is the most important aspect to spend money on for a wedding day (that’s my opinion, anyway). Your photos will last forever, you want to invest in them. Regardless of what a wedding looks like, a good photographer can capture those elements and what is important to you in order to have photos you are proud of and enjoy looking at over your lifetime. Are you considering hiring a videographer too? Video is fabulous, but if you don’t have a budget for both, invest in your photos. You are going to use your photos more than a video. You are going to print photos and hang them in your house, you are going to use them for thank you cards, you are going to have a wedding album, but uses for a video are limited. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. If a wedding photographer isn’t charging you very much, take caution and consider why. Is this their first wedding? How much experience do they have? I would say, spending money on your photographer is worth every penny, cut costs in other areas.  



There are so many amazing photographers out in the world and we want you to find the perfect fit for you. Did we miss any tips you think we should add to our list? Let us know! And if you are looking for any photographer recommendations, we would love to help connect you to some of our favorites in town. Don’t hesitate to reach out!