Sometimes, being in love feels adventurous, like flying down a hill with the wind in your hair! But other days, it is working through bumps in the road and overcoming each other’s faults.

Relationships are not mere bliss, they take hard work, commitment and a shared destination.

That is what makes love worth fighting for and most definitely worth throwing a STUNNING WEDDING CELEBRATION!

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Most days you can find me drinking an
iced Americano at my favorite local coffee shop, 
day-dreaming about weddings, nerding out
about all things psychology, and
traveling with my husband Robert!

I’m organized, down to earth, and a super
hard worker. I’m not just going to get the
job done, I’m going to know your friends
and family members by name. I am
going to see your vision and be your voice.
Like it or not, we are probably going to be
best friends by the time you say, “I Do.”




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