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The team of Riding Tandem had the opportunity to go spend time with a local vendor and learn about something that often brides don’t realize is important to plan for at their wedding, LINENS! We visited the lovely ladies at the La Tavola Fine Linen show room in Scottsdale! La Tavola offers high quality products and services. A hue of every color of the rainbow and numerous styles of linens are available to match any wedding theme. There are sequins, velvets, satins, sheers, silks, and so many more beautiful linens to choose from. The store provides napkins, table cloths, chair covers, and even bean bags! Who doesn’t want a velvet style napkin at their wedding? After feeling these, you will want them! Velvet napkins are trendy and fashion forward. All the linen styles are so unique and beautiful. We definitely recommend going to La Tavola to get your linens for your wedding. We fell in love with not only the linen selection, but the girls there too! Ali and Nikki are the sweetest and will help you find exactly what you need for your wedding day! 

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Fabric 101

When it comes to fabric, La Tavola knows what they are doing. They have exceptional quality and textures. La Tavola has a wide variety of fabrics and great customer service. The high-quality linens come in an array of colors. The options for fabrics are endless. Not only do they have every fabric type, but they have linens at different price points to fit in your budget. So, if you want something over the top, they’ve got you covered! Or, if you want something minimal and budget-friendly, but higher quality than traditional polyester, they have what you need! 


There are so many designs to choose from. If you really want to gain more insight and inspiration for linens, go to the La Tavola Fine Linens Pinterest page! Your linens can complement your wedding theme. If you want something soft and romantic and soft, they have a specific category on their website for romantic linens. With one click, you can view all the silks, satins, and sheers in the collection that show romance is in the air. What stood out to us were all bursts of color and designs for the upcoming spring and summer collection. Get inspired by their vibrant COLORS and coordinate all of your linens to create a custom look for your special day. 

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What you should know?

  1. There is!  no! minimum! amount for orders at La Tavola. So, whether you need a large order of linens for every table, or just a small order of accent napkins, this is the place for you!  

  2. Linens at La Tavola are on a first come, first serve basis, so it is never too early to reserve your linens. You have to freedom to change your order if you change your mind as time passes.  

  3. Schedule your free consultation and experience all of the linen colors and textures for yourself. 

We Love La Tavola


We so enjoyed spending time with the ladies at La Tavola! Ali and Nikki are friendly and incredibly helpful! We were taught the ins and outs of linens and experienced firsthand how fun it can be to pick out your linens for your special day. We learned a lot and we hope you too will book an appointment to the La Tavola showroom to get started planning linen design for your special day! 

Vendors | La Tavola

Location | Scottsdale Showroom

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