It’s my birthday week! Reflecting on my life as a 27-year-old. Who I am, how I spend my time, what’s bringing me joy…Here are 27 things I’m loving at 27!!!!!

1. Reformed Pilates and Spin Classes 

2. Podcasts…all day, every day!  

3. Hot Americanos with Whip 

4. Being DONE with Grad School 

5. All-Things Rachel Hollis (Girl, Wash Your Face, RISE Podcast, Conference, she’s my current girl boss crush) 

6. Quiet Time to Read 

7. My Color-Coded Planner. Can’t find me w/o it! 

8. 10- inch Waist Madewell Jeans, need I say more? I’m obsessed. 

9. Scarfs-on my neck, in my hair, tied on my purse, you name it.  

10. Anthropologie candles burning in my living room 

11. PROSE Gel manicures 

12. Date Nights with my hubby 

13. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, forever and always 

14. Long phone calls with my Mama, it’s about time we live closer. 

15. Personal Counseling…there is a reason it is called therapy-it is therapeutic!  

16. “Being” a Counselor  

17. Mentoring Sweet Girls 

18. Workshops of any kind-give me all the knowledge w/o any homework. 

19. Balayage, Baby! 

20. Wedding Planning, of course. 

21. Trips to Washington 

22. Dan + Shay on repeat in my ears 

23. Quality time with my gal pals 

24. Who needs Adobe Suite when we have CANVA? 

25. Handwritten Postcards 

26. Long, productive days in coffee shops 

27. Jesus. Everything is for Him. Couldn’t live without Him. 

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Birthday Girl | Carlie of Riding Tandem

Photographer | Brooke Pensivy

Location | Churn