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Let’s talk wedding bands! No, not rings, we're talking live music and getting in the groove on your BIG DAY, wedding bands! Today, we are highlighting a personal favorite and good friend of Riding Tandem: Solh Music!

The name Solh Music came from an Airbnb guest from Iran who suggested the name "solh" which means "peace" in Farsi. Craig thought that Solh Music would be the perfect name for his musical group because it perfectly describes the peaceful style of music.


Meet Craig and Jade of Solh Music

As a Folk singer and songwriting duo based in Phoenix Arizona, Craig and Jade created Solh Music in October of 2017 and have achieved many musical achievements along the way.

Craig and Jade perform in all sorts of venues from restaurants to weddings and events, making them flexible to meet your wedding needs.  

Sohl Music
Being live allows us to make the music more about the Bride and Groom, and not about our own music
— Craig

Packages Offered

            Solh Music has many options for their clients including a package paired with a DJ who they work with often if you are interested in hiring both live musicians and a DJ for your traditional reception staples (like the electric slide, of course!)

    Standard Package - Covers all music 30-minutes prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony, and cocktail hour.

    Ceremony Package - Covers all music 30-minutes prior to  ceremony and the during  ceremony. 

    All-Inclusive Package - Standard package and your music for the reception with a full band, or they will set you up with the best DJ around! No more music planning needed on your end!


Listen up! 

The only thing left you need is a taste of Solh Music itself! Check out their website to listen to samples and full songs from their upcoming EP. 

Solh Music also has a couple events coming up that you can attend! What better way to listen to their music than live at an event?

Upcoming Gig: Xtreme Bean - August 17th 2018 8pm-10pm



Musicians | Craig and Jade 

Photographer | Emily Saunders Photography

Venue | Stock & Stable

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