Creating a Vision Board

How about vision boards? What makes them work and why create one? That’s what we will discuss today! 

Creating a vision board helps inspire both you as the client, as well as your planner, Riding Tandem! Fill this board with quotes, favorite recipes, color schemes, photography inspiration, ANYTHING that represents the two of YOU! This will allow us as your planners to create the mood and theme you want for your perfect wedding. 

Visualizing this important day is what will help us bring it to life. Vision boards aren’t just used for creatives when brainstorming a project. They are used by anyone wanting to reach a goal or feel inspired. If you ever took a business class that taught, “How to make a business plan,” there is often a visual project to be made to better develop that plan, so why wouldn’t this be perfect for someone with a wedding plan? 

There are many ways that you can start your visual creation! Most of us creative women have this addiction called PINTEREST. That’s where we create all of our boards when working specifically with clients. Pinterest makes it convenient to connect a few users to one board and allow everyone in the group to put together their vision and share ideas. Another option is to google ideas, words, colors, styles and choose some google images and articles, attach them in a spread sheet or word document and then send them our way!

Ultimately, creating a board will bring the dream wedding you aspire for one step closer to coming true!

So open up that laptop and lets starting Pinning!


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