How To Book Your Dream Wedding Videographer


When it comes to your wedding, you spend so much time ensuring that it’s absolutely perfect. But, how much of the wedding are you actually going to get to enjoy? Now, don’t get me wrong, you will have an amazing time on your big day (hopefully!). However, there are so many little moments that you may miss while all the chaos is occurring. To insure you get to experience the little things; like the tears of your great grandmother or the adorableness of the flower girl walking down the aisle, you need to hire a videographer to capture those special, small memories. 

There are a few things you need to think about when choosing a wedding videographer!

Does their style match yours?

1.    Your wedding probably a theme. Whether it’s glitz and glam, rustic, minimalistic, or a little more unique, there is a similar aesthetic that you are going for. The same goes for your videographer! Every videographer has their own individual style that is unique to them. Therefore, when you’re browsing all of your options, check out their portfolios or previous work! By seeing similar content, you can see if they have your concept in mind. 

Make sure they are comfortable with your venue.

2.    Say you love the style of one videographer, but they only shoot outdoor weddings and you’re getting married in a extravagant church! What do you do? Some videographers may be up for the challenge, but most may not feel comfortable going out of their comfort zone. I mean, they only get one shot to shoot your video and it would be really unfortunate if it didn’t turn out how you hoped, just because they weren’t used to shooting in your specific venue. 

A flexible budget is better than no budget at all!

3.    Like most creatives, videographers usually offer you a quote of how much their services will be. Most videographers will have a few different packages, all at varying prices. If you don’t have a budget planned out at all for your wedding video, this can make the videographer frustrated and maybe give the impression that you aren’t serious about booking them. Having something flexible is much better than being unprepared!

Do your personalities work well together?

4.   Wedding planning includes a large majority of vendors and with each vendor, if you two don’t click together, it may not be the best match. Just like you would for your wedding photographer or planner, make sure the videographer is comfortable around you and vice versa. Get to know them a little before the wedding and try seeing their personality in a consultation. Imagine never meeting your videographer and then on your wedding day, you hate them! That could be a downer and you certainly don’t want that.

With these few tips, you will be able to narrow down a vendor that will see your wedding day vision and make it come to life! Be picky and make sure you are fully comfortable with your choice, it’s your day and it’s totally understandable to want to not just hire anyone. 

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