4 Picture Perfect Wedding Exits That Will Be Guaranteed Crowd Pleasers


The ceremony has ended. The party is over. You and your partner are officially married! Congratulations! But, how the heck are you two going to get out of there? Whether you’re more traditional or a little more creative on your big day, don’t worry because your getaway exit can still reflect your wedding day theme! 

The Getaway Car  

A classic take on the wedding exit, a car is definitely the most traditional way to go! However, you have a lot of options. First off, you could schedule an Uber to come pick you up. By calling an Uber, you don’t have to worry about a driver or where you are going to store the car during the ceremony. Yet, you may be a little stressed if your Uber is actually going to make it on time! Another option would be renting a car. It’s easy and you can rent for as many days as you need. Finally, the most interesting car option would be a family-owned vintage car. If your grandfather has a crazy cool sports car from the 60’s, ask him to borrow it for your wedding! It’s such a creative touch to the finale of your day, plus when are you ever going to get to drive that car again? 



Sparklers are a great photo op moment and are fun for all ages. If your photographer can snag the perfect getaway moments with these fireworks, you’ll have a documented memory that’ll last forever. Just make sure you warn everyone about the fire hazard. But, what’s better than to have all your loved ones light the way to a new part of your life, literally!



If your venue doesn’t allow fire products or maybe you don’t want a big mess to clean up afterwards, streamers are a great option! You can by specific ones that when they are deactivated, the ends stick to the can, so no mess. The photo moment is still as good as sparklers or confetti, but you won’t have any hazards if you have any children, or maybe even just clumsy people, at your wedding!


 Flower Petals

Flower petals are a little uncommon when it comes to the getaway, however, they are so beautiful, simple, and are biodegradable which means no cleanup required. There are tons of flower and color options so you can coordinate that final touch to the rest of your color palette too. This is another great option if you want a hazard-free wedding day, which is totally up to you, your partner, and the venue!

Lukas Reception - Ball Photo Co-314.jpg
Lukas Reception - Ball Photo Co-319.jpg

Your getaway exit is the final piece of your wedding day puzzle. Just because it’s the finale, doesn’t mean it should be forgotten! So, whether you decide to drive off into the sunset or have your loved ones light the way into marriage for you, any choice you pick is going to memorable. Just remember to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to get a little creative!

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