Even Though You’re In A Relationship, Make Time For Your Friends


Everyone has experienced what it’s like to be in a new relationship and you’re just overly smitten with your partner. You want to be with them 24/7 because they just seem absolutely perfect to you. You would do literally anything to spend time with them. Sometimes, you may even forget your friends while you’re in this honeymoon stage. We all have also been the friend that gets neglected when their BFF gets into a new relationship. It hurts. You feel lonely and maybe even a little betrayed because you have been with them for longer. To avoid these negative feelings all around, here are 5 important steps to keep up with your friendships while in a relationship. 

Prioritize Your Time

1.    If you have made plans with your bestie, then something comes up with your partner, you need to say, “I made plans with my best friend for tonight. Can we hang out another time?” Stick to your plans and don’t back out. Set aside time for your friends and your partner. Try not to mix the groups too much because one side could get annoyed if you are putting all your time into someone else. Be present when you’re with them and have a good night – with no mention of your love life!


Arrange Group Hangouts, If There Are No Hard Feelings

2.    Obviously, you love both groups of people and you would love to all hang out! So, start small and maybe invite one or two of your best friends to get to know your partner. If you do try this, try not to participate in too much PDA because honestly, no friend wants to see you all over your partner. Be considerate and in the moment with everyone. 


It’s Okay If You And Your Partner Spend Time Apart

3. You may love your partner, but it’s okay if you spend time apart. Have an honest conversation with them, tell them how much you enjoy being with them, but also how it’s okay if you hang out with separate friend groups. They can hang with their friends, while you hang with yours. It doesn’t always have to be mixed; you both can spend time with the people you love separately. 


Try Meeting Other Couples To Hang Out With

4.    No one can relate more to you than another couple! Sometimes, single friends (thought they may love you both), they can get a little annoyed with seeing you and your partner constantly! So, try connecting with other couples. You all can have date nights and talk all things LOVE. They know what it feels like to be with someone, so you don’t have to feel super pressured to act like your partner doesn’t exist around them. 


Put Yourself In Your Friend’s Situation

5. You probably remember a time when one of your friends got into a relationship and basically disappeared from the face of the earth. So, this may be how your friend is feeling. Try and reach out, don’t postpone plans (excuses only last so long), and try to be present while being with your friend. Do things that you both enjoy and ask them about their lives too. 


Friends and your love life may not always mix. But, by putting in the time to reach out to your friends is so important. They have been with you before your relationship, and while you may love your partner, your friends need quality time too. This doesn’t mean you have to forget about your partner, but just make time for both groups in your life. Don’t disappear from their lives, trust me, they miss you!

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