The Old, the New, the Borrowed, the Blue!


Something old, something new, something barrowed, something blue. It’s a wedding tradition that dates back hundreds of years, derivingfrom an Old English rhyme that goes a little something  like this; 

"Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Sixpence in the women’s Shoe”.

The new, old, borrowed, and blue items were incorporated for good luck, and the sixpence was carried to symbolize prosperity in the newlyweds life together. This tradition is still alive and well today and is frequently incorporated in fun and sentimental ways.  

Something Old

The original intention behind incorporating “something old” was to ward off the “Evil Eye” and protect the future children of the couple. Today, most brides incorporate “something old” for more of a sentimental memento that honors your family or a loved one on your special day.

Some ideas on how to incorporate something old includes the groom gives his bride a ring worn by his mother or grandmother; putting up childhood photos of the bride and groom; adding family generational wedding photos (Grandparents wedding, parents wedding, etc.) to your decor; using the family bible for the ceremony readings.

Something New

Incorporating “something new” on your special day is usually the easiest of these traditions. Many items and things that are new go into enhancing and glorify your wedding day, not to mention the many gifts received by the bride and groom by those attending their wedding that will help them carve a new path in their new life together. However couples, maybe use this tradition to “treat yourselves” and purchase/invest something into the wedding that will make both the bride and the groom feel a little more sparkly on the special day. 

Some ideas on how to incorporate something new: A wedding rug! Another wedding tradition is the purchasing of a carpet or rug that the bride and groom stand on throughout their ceremony and then later incorporate it into the first home they own together as newlyweds. Maybe your something new can be a speedy new getaway car! NEED ONE MORE IDEA!!!!

Something Borrowed

Incorporating “something borrowed” is done because it is said to bring the new couple good luck in future endeavors together. The borrowed item(s) are usually passed down from a loved one or close friend who is happily married. 

Some ideas on how to incorporate something borrowed includes using a piece of jewelry from a loved one; wearing your mother or grandmothers wedding dress; snipping off a button or piece of lace from a loved ones wedding dress and having it sewn onto yours; using a loved ones veil; Using the same “first dance” song as your parents did on their wedding day.

Something Blue

The color blue is usually incorporated into a wedding and is said to represent love, purity and fidelity. What more could you want in a marriage?!

Some ideas on how to incorporate something blue includes using the color blue as the wedding colors for the bridal party; adding a light blue wedding dress sash to your gown; a blue nail color; a blue lace wedding garter; blue accent flowers in your wedding bouquet; blue font on your invites; blue shoes; even blue undies!

The old, the new, the borrowed, the blue.....subtle, simple, sentimental, and special. I hope you feel inspired and have gained ideas on how to incorporate this tradition into your wedding day that will make it that much more special! 

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