The Wedding Perspective


Perspective. It’s a simple enough concept, yet can so easily be lost. One moment it’s there, so clearly grasped. The next, all sense of perspective may spiral or cease to exist entirely.  When it comes to your engagement and planning a wedding, the bliss of it all can quickly dissipate if your perspectives are blurry or lost. Beginning to plan and coordinate the many details of your big day can quickly become overwhelming and amount to stress. How does one maintain a successful wedding perspective throughout the process? Follow the “Wedding Perspective Guidelines”, a roadmap of sorts that will help keep you on track to a calm, structured, and positive planning process. 

1.    Set Boundaries

Setting very clear and precise boundaries is key to successfully planning a wedding; this includes a firmly set budget and clearly communicated roles and responsibilities for all who may be involved in this process. Communicating and solidifying an idea of how much money should be spent on what and who will help accomplish the tasks at hand is essential. 


Perspective Check #1 – Setting boundaries will keep you organized and help you plan a wedding that stays within your budget. Setting boundaries will also make the over-all experience for all who are involved more pleasant, smooth, and enjoyable once it is clearly communicated what their roles and responsibilities consist of. 

2.    Remind Yourself the Purpose

In today’s society with bridal magazines at every grocery store check-out, TV shows like Say Yes To The Dress, and dreamy wedding pictures plastered on every social media platform known to man, of course you’ve developed an idea and envisioned what you may think or want your wedding day to be like. What girl hasn’t dreamt about her wedding day since she was 7? Amidst picking out the dress, booking a caterer, looking for a DJ, selecting the flowers, finding a venue, choosing color palates, and the hundreds of other small detail, the perspective that is so quickly lost is remembering at the end of the day what this is all about...marriage. 


Perspective Check #2 – Don’t forget what the true meaning of your wedding day is. Remind yourself that ultimately this day is about you dedicating your love, loyalty, and life to your best friend and forever person.  It’s one of the biggest decisions and commitments you will ever make. Your wedding day will come and go in an instant, but the decision and commitment made will last a life-time. Your wedding day is simply an outward expression of your decision and a time to commit to your person and celebrate your union. 


3.    Hire a Day-Of Coordinator and or Wedding Planner

With so many details to plan, hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator is a great idea. By doing so, your engagement season and wedding planning experience can be both pleasant and less stressful. Your wedding planner will help shape your vision into a reality, connecting you to vendors and helping you map out all the small details. Along with that, your wedding planning will be present on the big day to help with the set-up and placement of everyone and everything. If you plan most of the wedding by yourself, it is still a life-saver to hire a Day-Of Coordinator. The Day-Of Coordinator will make the day of your wedding stress free by ensuring all your wedding day components are in order, on-time, and set-up. 


Perspective Check #3 – Asking for professional help to plan your big day may be the best decision for your wedding. It will reduce the stress of it all and allow you to enjoy this exciting season you currently find yourself in. It will allow you to focus on the main reason for planning this memorable day in the first place; to get married!


Your wedding is a joyous occasion that you will reflect upon and cherish for many years to come. Follow these perspective guidelines to maintain positive and healthy perspectives throughout the planning process of your wedding. In doing so, you shall both flourish and enjoy this exciting chapter of life. 


Happy planning!

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