Blogging with Riding Tandem: What are we Pedaling Toward?


Hey Girlfriend! Welcome to Riding Tandem’s blog! Before we get started with this ride, we just wanted to let you know why we started a blog and what you can expect to find here. Anytime we start a ride, we need to know where we are going and why we want to go there. Am I right?


We Like to Celebrate

First things first, at Riding Tandem we freaking love to celebrate! Life is short and let’s be real, much too fast. We need to stop living in fast forward, slow down, and acknowledge the milestones as we achieve them. Before we start working toward the next goal, let’s stop and celebrate where we are now.

Relationships Are Worth Fighting For

And what is a celebration if it isn’t with those we love? At Riding Tandem, we believe that life is dull without people. We recognize that just like a stunning wedding does not come together overnight, a beautiful relationship does not either. Rich relationships take commitment, communication, teamwork, and a unified destination. It is working through the bumps in the road and overcoming each other’s faults that make love worth fighting for. Saying “I Do” does not mean saying yes to happily ever after, it means “I Do” choose to ride this crazy thing called life tandem with you, and you alone. And that, my friends, is worth celebrating! So on this blog, expect to be celebrated and find encouragement to fight for those you love.


Wedding Vendors Worth Cheering About

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this wedding world has some pretty rad people in it! A wedding takes a lot of moving parts working together in order to create a party. The bride and groom are always the center of the attention, but around here we are going to celebrate the hardworking vendors who are always behind the scenes too! So get ready to meet some super rad people that you won’t want to live without on your wedding day.

Thanks for being a part of our journey. If you know an incredible couple that has touched your life in an impactful way, or worked with a stellar wedding vendor that we can’t live another day without meeting, connect with us below so we can start riding tandem together!

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