Not Your Typical Table: How to Wow your Dinner Guests


What’s better than a delicious meal you ask? A delicious meal at a fabulous table is! Today we are going to talk about three table details that can take your table settings to the next level.

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1. Creative Centerpiece

Your centerpiece is going to be the central focus of your table and be the place that initially catch’s your guests’ eyes. Consider what you want them drawn to. What colors do you want to pop? Is the meal to celebrate a specific event or holiday? We hosted a Fall Brunch and we chose to feature a floral Array Design centerpiece with festive goblets.

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2. Bubbly Beverage

One thing you can always count on is that people like to drink! So, provide a fun beverage that will liven up the meal! We love light and bubbly. Mimosas, Champagne, Sparkling Cider, Italian Soda…what’s your favorite?!

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3. Personalized Name Card

Our favorite aspect of a table scape is a personalized name card. There is nothing so sweet to people as the sound (or view) of their own name. There is something that touches a person’s heart when they are remembered, noticed and considered. Name cards are also handy because you can assign seats to your guests to assure that everyone sits next to someone they know at your gathering.

We know there are so many cute ways to decorate your table; these are just a few of our favorite. What do you love to include when setting your table? Reply below, we would love to hear from you!

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Calligrapher: Darling Detail
Florist: Array Design
Photographer: Grace Hill
Planner: Riding Tandem
Table Rentals: Event Rents AZ