Talking Self-Care Habits At Dames Collective PHX


For anyone who knows us at Riding Tandem, you would know that we LOVE supporting our local entrepreneurs and businesses. One of our favorite places to connect with those Phoenix-based companies is through the Dames Collective. For anyone who isn’t in the know about what the Dames Collective is, it is a networking group for women in multiple different cities around the US. They focus on connecting, collaborating, and inspiring females in their area through meetings, events, and socializing. For a businesswoman like myself, it is the perfect place to network and meet other amazing boss ladies! 

This past month, I was asked to speak at one of their monthly Morning MindFUEL events. This month’s topic was all about Self Care, something I love! I was featured on a panel with two other amazing business babes, Marisella Bodrero and Sarah Baum. We discussed all things morning routines, breathing exercises, and how to make time for your personal weekend! 

If you weren’t able to attend, don’t stress! Here are some of our top tips when it comes to self-care!


Make A Morning Routine

One of the most important things we discussed is our daily morning routines and how crucial they are to being productive! 

I talked about my love for my Gratitude Journal and how it really keeps me in the right mindset for the day, by thinking about what I’m thankful for. I even catch myself thinking of gratitudes throughout the day that I want to put in my journal for the next morning! 

Mari touched on how it is so important for her to get active in the morning to start her day off. She has a daughter, so she has to wake up quite a bit earlier to have her me-time. She loves Orange Theory or even classic yoga videos on Youtube. Anything to get her body movin’!

Sarah mentioned that her morning routine actually doesn’t really happen in the morning. She prepares herself for the next day, at night! She makes up a quick thing of overnight oats and showers before bed so that the next day is all ready to go, no matter what unexpected things come up!

Set Boundaries When It Comes To Making Time For Yourself

Because I work weddings on weekends, I don’t always get the typical Saturday and Sunday off. Therefore, I have to make time to have my own weekend throughout the week! I personally choose Tuesdays but whatever day works for you, do it! I really have to stick to my word because it’s so easy to make plans on my day off because it’s an open space in my calendar. But, once I say “yes” to one thing, before I know it, my whole Tuesday is gone! So, stick to your boundaries and learn to discipline yourself because you deserve a day off!

Use A Weekly Planner

Mari really talked about this and how she loves her High-Performance Planner! It allows her to schedule in all her daily tasks, but it also includes some questions to fuel her day, like “What is something that will excite you today?” or “What is something that may trip you up today?” Mari really recommended having a calendar not only on your phone or computer, but also a physical calendar because it’s so helpful to really book out your days and weeks, right in front you rather than just electronically! 

Self-care is so necessary whether you are a businesswoman or just a college student. You have to learn that work doesn’t always have to be on your brain, the email can wait until Monday, and to just shut it off and spend time on yourself! For other Morning MindFUEL’s, check out the Dames Collective PHX and check out Mari and Sarah for any life-coach or therapy needs!  

Loved sharing my personal advice on the Dames Collective panel and can’t wait to go back!

Venue | Dames Collective PHX

Panel Members | Marisella Bodrero & Sarah Baum

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