Congrats, You're Married... Now What?


Congratulations, you’re married! We are so happy for you! But now, you’re probably thinking, “My big day has passed, so what do I do now?” Don’t stress, Riding Tandem has your back! Here are 5 helpful tips to conclude your wedding, so that you can continue on with real life!

Calligraphy by:    Emerald Lettering

Calligraphy by: Emerald Lettering

Thank You Cards

You sent out the invites and people showed up! So, say thank you and tell all your loved ones that you appreciated them coming to the wedding. It’s just a polite thing to do, especially since people took time out of their schedule to see you get married. Try and make it personal and make sure to include a thank you for any gifts you received. Try and get this done within three months of the wedding. If you had a larger wedding, try and split the note writing into chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed when it’s time to write!

Clean Your Wedding Dress

No matter how careful you are on the dancefloor or during pictures, your wedding dress is bound to end up dirty.  But, hey, don’t freak about it! Your dress is totally savable! As long as your get your dress cleaned within six months of the wedding, most of the big stains should come out easy. You may be thinking, I don’t really want to preserve my dress though, I only wore it once. Still get it cleaned! You can always donate it or put it up for consignment. Someone will always take the gown and I’m sure they don’t want grass stains or footprints on their new gown. 

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Perserve Bridal Bouquet

Unlike your dress, you can actually save your bouquet and all of its beauty. You can also preserve your husband’s boutonniere if you choose to. Florists are able to preserve your flowers in a beautiful way that will allow you to hold that memory forever. If you’re in a rush, you can even see if your florist can pick them up after the reception! That way, you’ll be able to savor those beautiful flowers forever!


Memento Box

Your wedding day only lasts for 24 hours and it will probably fly by! If you want to preserve some memories forever, make a memento box. Some things you can include are: the cake topper, photo album, cards/notes, a photo of your wedding dress, wedding video, copies of the toasts, honeymoon mementos, flowers, favors, place settings, or menus. Anything that you feel was significant to your big day! 


Photo Album 

You hired your wedding photographer for a reason. I know you probably posted the highlights on social media, but what are you supposed to do with the rest of your precious photos? Make a wedding album! Your photographer may have a package that includes a wedding photo album, but if not, work with them to pick out some favorites to save forever.

Now, tie up all these loose wedding ends and start enjoying life with your new spouse! You deserve it!

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