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When it is your special day, we know you want to feel like a princess. It is so important to have your hair and makeup done to complete your look and make your fairy tale dreams come true. From choosing the right stylist to the right makeup, Arizona’s bridal hair and makeup specialist and owner of Braids and Bobby Pins, Koral, is here to give you some fabulous tips!

How Should You Style Your Hair?

Having a difficult time on deciding what to do with your hair on your wedding day? Don’t worry! When it comes to you finding a style you want, you have to remember that all hair isn’t the same. If you color your hair, it is important to have your hair freshly colored. And don’t go cheap, invest in having your hair professionally colored for your wedding day. Brides should choose hair styles that are realistic for their hair. If you find a style that requires long, thick hair but you have short thin hair, it won’t look the same on you. Be prepared to have an inspired photo that is just right for your hair, dress and jewelry. This is your moment, so remember do what compliments you and makes you feel confident. Making a trial appointment will allow you to try out different hair styles and makeup and get professional advice to create your dream look. 


Bridesmaid Dilemma 

What if your bridesmaid doesn’t want to wear or pay for their makeup? This may be a touchy subject, but there are some ways you can work around it without being a Bridezilla. We all have our own opinions and preferences, but you have to remember that this is YOUR day!! You will always have these pictures and have them hung up on your wall, so do what makes you happy. When it comes to a bridesmaid who does not want to pay for hair and makeup, consider offering to pay for half of the cost. This might help them compromise. If they just don’t want to wear makeup, you should nicely respond by reminding them it is your day, having professional make up done will look best in photos, and it would make you delighted if they respect your wishes.


Pricing and Appointment Tips


There is no set price for hair and makeup, it is all up you how much you want to spend. You have to keep in mind this is a part of your wedding budget. When thinking of your budget for hair and makeup remind yourself that they will be putting the same amount of work into you as all the other venues. A suggestion when planning your trial appointment; plan it on a day you are doing a special event or bridal shower, so you have your hair and makeup done! You should book your hair and makeup 7 months or more in advance. When making your appointment with your stylist make sure your personalities click because you will be with her/him all morning. Whoever you use as a vendor is a part of your memories on your wedding day. 


Love for Koral

We couldn’t have done this without the fabulous Koral, owner of Braids and Bobby Pins. She is highly recommended by Riding Tandem! Not only does she have a great personality, she is bubbly, personable, and works her magic on every person who sits in her chair. She will give you her full attention and will make you feel like you have known her for years. Remember, your hair and make up artist will be spending a good amount of time with you on your wedding day, you want to be comfortable around her and enjoy her company! Koral is great at what she does and really wants the bride to feel like herself and feel beautiful on her memorable day. She has a special touch of highlighting your beauty and allowing you to shine as you walk down the aisle!

Hair and Make Up Artist | Koral of Braids and Bobbypins

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