Favorite Phoenix Spots for a Bridal Shower



Teaspressa is a chic location to have your bridal shower. If you want the atmosphere to say “trendy studio” and “positive vibes,” this is your go-to spot. The bright organic white walls and hanging greenery boasts authenticity and positivity. The availability of an empty private room is an excellent option for you to create your dream DIY bridal shower. This coffee shop promotes self-innovation and is the perfect choice if you want to add your own creative style to your party. Teaspressa is an à la mode place where you can sip on your mimosas or teas and have fun talking with your girlfriends. 


Guest Count & Cost: Teaspressa has different options to accommodate the size of your party. If your guest count is sweet and small, you may want to choose one of the packages that has no minimum time limit; however, keep in mind you will be sharing the room with other customers. The patio and indoor room is available for a private party for $75 an hour. The great thing about Teaspressa is that the pricing is very friendly, just like their staff. If you want to include their tasty teas and food, they have different options! The first package is $5 per guest, second package is $10 per guest, and the last package is $26 per guest, on top of $75 an hour if you choose a private party package. Teaspressa will collaborate with you to cater a package that best meets your needs. 

Food and Beverage Details: Not only can you put your own personal touch in the decorations for your bridal shower but, you are also welcome to bring your own food and wine. If you choose to cater your own food items you will be charged a flat rental fee of $75 an hour. Teaspressa offers various packages that come with yummy and unique foods and treats. Each package comes with their handmade and naturally infused sugar cubes. These sugar cubes can be added to your wine to make it sweeter or give it flavor. Some of the flavors include: peach, arcadia orange, raspberry, and many more. The possibilities are endless. The second and third packages also include their special toasts.  

Environment: Teaspressa has an amazing TEAm, which makes the environment TEArrific. It is a place where you can decide what environment you want for your shower. Be creative, make it you! And remember Teaspressa is here to serve the “communiTEA with passion, integrity, and joy!”

Luci's at the Orchard

Luci's at the Orchard is another spectacular place to enjoy a delightful bridal shower. The huge outdoor area surrounded with twinkling lights provides a tranquil ambiance for any occasion. A large tent area with misters will keep you cool and looking glorious so you can enjoy your special event, even on those hot Phoenix days. Luci's is not only a coffee shop, but a gourmet market and a café too!! The large windows allow the patrons to view the citrus orchard, the beautiful patio, and the splash pad, bringing the outside in. The luscious oasis supplied by Luci’s has numerous spots for the perfect photo op with your friends and family, providing memories that will last forever. 


Guest Count & Cost: If you’re a bride on a budget, this coffee house will fit right into your financial plan! It is the perfect place to feel like you are dining at a luxurious historical brunch spot without breaking the bank. Depending on what you are looking for, a huge bridal shower or small, it is up to you if you want to rent out the whole orchard or just a specific place. There are a number of options to accommodate a large or small party. Luci’s gourmet salads and sandwiches paired with the large lawn, makes for the perfect place for a picnic themed bridal shower. 

Food and Beverage Details: When you host your party at Lucis at the Orchard, you would have to go through their neighboring restaurant, Pomelo, to cater the food. At the marketplace, they not only have coffee, but a juice bar and café too. If your guests want something to cool them down, they have a delicious old fashion ice cream shop in the orchard where guests can indulge in homemade treats, soft serve ice cream, shakes and novelty desserts. Who needs a candy table when you can splurge right on the premises?


Environment: Luci’s is very family friendly and welcoming. This is a place where you want to spend your Saturday afternoon outside with your closest friends and family. It is not only a place to pop in for a cup of coffee, but also a place that you can enjoy time playing games, talking, and eating at your bridal shower. This gathering oasis is the ideal venue for celebrating love and happiness.   

The Henry

"The greatest neighborhood restaurant" and coffee house!! The Henry is the place to go to have a fun and unique bridal shower. Everyone is so friendly and the staff will make your experience unforgettable. It is the perfect ambiance for a private dining party. The Henry's upscale charm and great energy has a way of taking you back in time while making you feel at home.  

The Henry

 Guest Count & Cost: The cost parallels the experience: a spectacular day, classy decor and fine dining. At The Henry, you definitely get what you pay for. The servers are dressed in their Sunday best which enhances the timeless elegance of The Henry and they give you their undivided attention. There are 6 different special event rooms that can accommodate anywhere from 20 – 100 guests. So, whether you want something small and quaint or big and glamorous, The Henry is the place for you. This local place allows you to have a timeless memorable event with loved ones. 

Food and Beverage Details: From simple to gourmet dishes, the food is satisfying and always leaves the patron craving more. The menu boasts an array of breakfast, lunch and dinner selections for you to create the perfect carte du jour for your bridal shower. Add in a couple of the chef specialties and your guests will be talking for days. The non-alcoholic spirits and sizeable cocktail menu provides a variety of tasty drinks to compliment your food selections.  

The Henry

Environment: The Henry is great to have something either outside or inside. They have a lovely outside patio area that is perfect for photos, talking with your close friends and sipping on the perfect cocktail. Our team thinks that inside makes you feel like you are in the game of “Clue.” The shop has more of a business-casual feel wrapped in a homey vibe. Think of it as destination dining right in your own neighborhood. 


Why We Love Phoenix Coffee Shops for a Bridal Shower!

There are so many unique venues in Phoenix to host your bridal shower. We love that the venue can compliment the personality of the bride. We really enjoy the different vibes the coffee shops bring and that the bride can not only enjoy herself at her shower, but also take pleasure in the atmosphere and make unforgettable memories.

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