Who Said You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?

Here at Riding Tandem, we love partnering with local vendors to support the community and make some great friends in the industry! One of our favorite people to work with is Veronica from Dessert First. Veronica is basically a pastry wizard, crafting up all kinds of ridiculously cool desserts. From cakes to macarons to mini desserts, this woman does it all! So, who better to ask about wedding day dessert than Veronica?

 We reached out to Veronica and asked her for some insightful tips when it comes to picking and choosing your wedding day dessert!

All Or Nothing!

“Have either all cake for your guests, or all mini desserts!”

If you decide to go for the mini dessert route, which is definitely a fan favorite, your guests will gravitate towards them because of the selection and it’s basically a bunch of “free” gourmet desserts. Plus, the price for mini desserts are about the same to a tiered cake anyways. 

“Having a combination of both cake and mini desserts is never a good idea - the cake gets cut up and there will always be tons of leftover cake while the dessert table gets gobbled up instantly.”

If you do decide to have a cake, have a special cutting cake. This can even be a tiered cake, but only make the top tier real and others fake. Then, Veronica recommends also having a dessert table in addition to ensure that your guests don’t feel like they only have one option for dessert. Basically, just pick to do one or the other!

Tell Your Baker What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

“Come with collective ideas in mind when choosing a cake style!”

Coming into your consultation with somewhat of any idea makes everything a lot less overwhelming. There are TONS of ways to decorate a cake nowadays, so it makes things a lot easier if you and your cake designer are on the same page. 

“Example, if you like more of the naked look, but also like marble and geometric, be open to have either style or even combining styles for something unique!”



You Can Actually Have Your Cake And Eat It Too, We Promise

“If you want a taller cake, but only have the budget for a smaller cake, or want a dessert table, etc., make your cake with faux tiers! I have a ton of brides that want the look of a taller cake, or that statement piece/showstopper, but don’t want that much cake - just make the top tier real for cutting and you can have the rest fake!”  

It’s your big day and literally anything is possible. Make sure to tell your cake designer want you want exactly, don’t be shy. They can most likely come up with an easy solution. You probably aren’t the first bride with a special request. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 11.01.58 PM.png
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So, when considering your sweet treat for the big day, please consider Veronica over at Dessert First. She does all kinds of cool concoctions like macarons, mini cheesecakes, to tiered desserts. She also provides an all-inclusive option which includes delivery to the venue, set up, break down, platter rentals and even if a macaron tower if you want it (and who wouldn’t want that?) Every order is custom, no pre-designed packages, so that your exact needs are met! She also custom colors everything to match your style and color scheme. Did we mention she also has gluten free and diary free options? 

If I haven’t sold you yet, I don’t know what will!

Check out Veronica’s website here and her Instagram here for some super amazing dessert art!   

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