A Crash Course In Setting Up Your Wedding Registry

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Do you remember growing up and how your birthday was so freaking exciting? The whole day was about you! There was a cake and all the gifts you could ever imagine. Life was pretty great, huh? Well, in a weird way, your wedding is pretty similar. A day of cake, laughter, gifts and obviously, it’s all about you and your partner! But, asking for gifts may seem a little more uncomfortable than it did when you were seven years old. I mean, would you go up to your co-worker and ask them to buy you a new mattress in everyday life? Probably not. Don’t worry, creating a wedding registry is super fun, and I promise, it won’t make you look like a greedy bridezilla!

Once you get engaged, people are probably going to start asking you where you’re registered? Or what are you wanting as a wedding gift? Or how can they bless you on your big day? It can seem a little overwhelming when you don’t know where to start but let us help you break it down. 

Pick Your Poison

For wedding registries, there is a plethora of options! You can choose something a little higher end or something on the more affordable side. You can pick a store that specializes in a few specific categories like home goods or kitchen products. Or even choose something that is pretty general to everything. It’s up to you! 

Psssst… You Should Register Here 

Crate & Barrel

Carlie’s personal favorite, Crate & Barrel, is a top-notch choice for your wedding registry! The store has options for your entire home that you know will be good quality. They also a number of complimentary services like free save-the-date cards and a 10% completion discount for six months after your wedding to pick up any last minute necessities that you didn’t receive. Did I mention they also have free shipping? Hello, uh, why haven’t you signed up already?


Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you are needing a lot of housewares, this is the place for you! Bed, Bath & Beyond offers thousands of brands in stores, plus they are really convenient since they are so accessible. Your guests can have a chance to choose if they would rather buy you an expensive comforter or maybe something cheaper like some new glasses for your kitchen. It’s up to them, which can leave you not so worried about breaking your guest’s banks. 



Who doesn’t love Target? You probably already go there frequently anyways so it should be pretty easy to pick some things you are wanting. Like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target has a wide range of gift options so your guests can have a bit of variety. Another cool feature is that Target offers the “Add From Anywhere” option, so if you can’t find your exact item in Target you can link it from another website straight to your registry!



Everything is switching to online nowadays, so if you aren’t really looking to go into a store and scan item by item (even though it’s very satisfying) and want to do your registry from the comfort of your couch, Amazon is the place for you! They offer a multitude of options and even offer things like gift cards or travel experiences to add to your registry. Pretty cool right?


Some Others We Love

Pottery Barn | Anthropologie | Ser la Table | Macy’s

Scan, Scan, Scan!

The more the merrier when it comes to your wedding registry! I know you may feel a little obnoxious for adding so many items but it’s better to have more than not enough. When a couple only puts 10 items and has 100 guests, those 90 other people have to guess what you may want. So, would you rather individually pick every option for your future home or have your guests randomly try to pick something that you just may like? Avoid the amount of returns you will have to do and just act like you’re going on your dream shopping spree!

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix It Up!

Definitely add those pricy items that you don’t necessarily want to pay for, but also put those cheap items on your list too. I’m sure your grandma will want to splurge on you, but your second cousin from out of state probably doesn’t want to drop $100. Put some affordable options, just so people can decide how much they are wanting to spend. 

I Like It, I Want It

Obviously, pick the things that you need for your home like dishes and sheets, but don’t be afraid to add those wild card choices either. Add the popcorn maker that you have been eyeing or maybe that Kitchen-Aid mixer that makes you want to take up baking. Guests want to get you something you will enjoy so give the people what they want! Plus, if you don’t end up receiving it, no harm no foul! 

Some of Carlie’s Favorites From Her Registry*

*All of these are from Crate & Barrel since that was Carlie’s pick, but they are just ultimately some options for inspiration. 

Knife Set

Bed Spread

All-Clad Pan

Popcorn Maker

That wasn’t so bad, was it? If you have learned anything, just remember that your wedding is your day. Act like a kid in a candy store when you are making your registry. Scan away and you can’t go wrong!


Let us know your favorite item that you want to/added to your wedding registry! We’d love to check them out in the comments! 

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