The Inspiration Behind Elopement


Is the idea of planning an extravagant wedding just not your thing? Are you and your fiancé spontaneous and romantic? Could you see yourself getting married at a nontraditional location? Eloping might be just the thing for you! We know that you might fear that your friends and family will be disappointed, but you have to remember that this is your day and you get to decide what is best for you. Are you sitting here thinking you have no idea what we are talking about? Don’t worry! Keep reading and check out the elopement inspiration below!



The location of your wedding doesn't just need to be your venue, it can be your honeymoon destination as well! Does a traditional ballroom or a rustic barn seem boring to you? Why don’t you consider an Island in Hawaii where you can hear the ocean roar while you say “I do”? Or Iceland with its incredible landscapes and waterfalls? Or a historic national park for your adventurous spirit. The options are limitless!



If you decide on an elopement, you can allocate your budge to the items that are most important to you. Instead on spending money on dinner for 100+ guests and flowers for all of your bridesmaids, you can spend your money on a romantic getaway. Invest in airfare, adventurous abroad, intimate moments around the table, and souvenirs for your close family and friends when you return. 



Eloping can be VERY romantic. You are prioritizing time for just you and your husband and not the crazy chaos of a huge wedding with all of your guests. Instead of spending months of planning and money on one day, you can plan a once in a lifetime trip to the location of your choice, hire a fabulous photographer, and celebrate with only a select handful of your closest love ones. 

Weddings have a lot of traditions and unspoken expectations, but you don’t have to fit into that mold or buy into that trend if it’s not for you. Eloping can be a fabulous option for a small budget, or an extravagant love story in an exotic land. Maybe elopement is just the thing you are looking for! Why not consider it? 



For some elopement inspiration, check out some of these blogs from photographers we love!  

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Groom | Casey Ware

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Photographer | Kinsley Nicole Photography

Tux | Rose Tuxedo

Wedding Gown | Schaffer’s

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