Don't Waste The Money In Your Wedding Wallet & Hotel Block!


If you are having tons of family and friends from out of town, traveling all that way to see your wedding, where are they going to stay? Hotel blocks allow your guests to stay in the same few hotels. This is important because it makes everything from transportation to scheduling super simple! So, here is Riding Tandem’s list of “What and What Not to Do When Planning a Room Block!”

 What To Do:

Try and block rooms in the same hotel (or the same few) hotels. 

You don’t want to book your guests at all different hotels because the transportation time will be different for every guest, you may overbook for one specific hotel, and it will just make scheduling even more confusing for you and your wedding planner. Try to stick all your guests in the same hotel. One and done! Only use multiple hotels if you have a TON of out-of-town guests coming. Even then, make sure the hotels are all pretty close in range. 


Utilize special rates!

This is the #1 benefit of room blocking for your wedding. Hotels will usually offer you a pretty big discount if you decide to room block. Ask the front-desk or concierge what their rates are and see if you get any special benefits like concessions, valet, etc. 


Double-check how many rooms you need to book. 

A lot of hotels do have a cancellation fees for room blocks. Make sure that you double-check how many rooms you will need. You don’t want anyone to have pay for something that wasn’t used because that’s simply wasting money from your wedding wallet. 


What Not To Do:

Don’t overbook!

As mentioned before, hotels do have cancellation fees and if you have too many rooms that is money leaving your pocket. If anything, if you have too little of rooms, you can always add another, but you can’t take one back. It’s like painting, you can always add more but you can’t take it away. So, really make sure that your guest count is correct. 


Don’t Book an Airbnb. 

I know that it will probably be cheaper on your wallet to do this, but I’m sorry, your grandma, your college roommate, and your co-worker probably all don’t want to stay in the same house. It could work out if your guests are pretty friendly and are easy to get along with, but most people want their own privacy. With a hotel room, they get that. With an Airbnb, they don’t. 


Room blocking at a hotel is cost-effective for you as a couple, easy on the guests, and is a definite must-have when wedding planning. No stress, no mess! Make it simple with blocking at a hotel. Who knows, maybe your guests will throw their own after party! 

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