Give Me All the Frances Vintage Gifts


Does your heart skip a beat like mine DOES when you discover a cute, local gift shop?! If you are like me, Frances Vintage on Central and Camelback needs to be on your radar. Doesn’t matter the occasion, if I’m going to an engagement party, bridal shower, birthday party, wedding, house warming, you name it-Frances is my go-to place for the perfect card and unique gift!

Meet Georgeanne: The vision and heart behind Frances

Georgeanne is the owner of Frances and her style is written all over its walls. Georgeanne had a career in retail and a picked up the hobby of making jewelry. Georgeanne was selling her jewelry pieces in local shops in Arizona and decided to try to sell them in LA. After being stood up not once, but twice by the LA shop owner, Georgeanne decided to open a shop of her own in Phoenix! Georgeanne said to herself, “I am in charge of my own destiny and I’m never going to stand anyone up.” She realized that she didn’t need to go to LA, everything she needed was right here in Phoenix. So, Georgeanne took her life savings and with the support of a loving family and community around her, she opened Frances Vintage!

Georgeanne decided to create a special retail experience like no place else. She intentionally decided to cultivate a place where:

  1. Everytime you shop, you will find something new
  2. There are gifts and knickknacks in every price range
  3. Customers will be treated kindly


What Brides Should Keep Their Eye On

Frances has so many amazing items in the shop. It’s my absolute favorite place to find a cute card for that perfect person. They sell beautiful jewelry and you can customize them with initials and special order them for your loved ones (or bridesmaids)! They have adorable items for your kitchen, cute clothes, and lots of trendy items for your man. I especially love their Arizona Collection with tons of items made by local artists! There is also a wedding section with trinkets and that you can use on your wedding day!

Lastly, one of my favorite parts about Frances is that they will gift wrap all of your treasures! So, if you are on the go running to a bridal shower or party, you don’t need to stress. You will find the perfect gift and leave with it gift wrapped and tied with a satin ribbon! Talk about service going above and beyond!




Why Shop Local?

Shopping local is an easy way to support your community. We have the ability to choose what we support by where we spend our money. I want to see local businesses flourish and not fade, so I do my best to drive by a local shop instead of swinging by the nearest convenient department store. Georgeanne loves working with local emerging businesses to display their talent in her store. She is always on the lookout for local talent! What’s next for Frances you ask? Well, Georgeanne’s goal for 2018 is to expand and launch an online store! So, be on the lookout for that, it’s super exciting!

Whatever your plans are this weekend, put visiting Frances on your list. You can stay up-to-date on their latest gifts by following them on Instagram and take the stress out of finding the perfect gift for that someone who already has it all. Every time I go, I find something cute I’ve never seen before. And trust me, my hubby knows he can always Give me all the Frances Vintage Gifts, they never disappoint!



Photographer: Darling Detail

Local Vendor: Frances Vintage