Get Your Dose Of Liquid Therapy With Couple Of Bartenders


After the vows have been said, the ceremony has finished, where are all your guest headed? The bar! This is a prime staple in any wedding reception so, you need to choose your bartender carefully. Here’s where we introduce our good friends, Couple of Bartenders. Known for being the liquid caterers, Couple of Bartenders will provide you with a custom cocktail experience! 



They offer a multitude of cool services; unlike any other bartending company we know. The husband and wife duo offers a custom signature drink creation where you, as the customer, are invited to a showroom full of various delicious beverages. There, you are able to create your own signature drink that is unique to your event! For a wedding, this is can be a really special moment for the couple because not only do you get to spend time together, but you can have custom His and Hers drinks served at your reception! 

If His and Hers drinks aren’t necessarily your thing, they have options for the classic open bar, favorite beer and wine selections served, and even a Vintage Panel truck that has 5 taps serving a wide variety of drink selections. Couple of Bartenders really strives to provide an unique experience for your wedding to leave you with a well needed dose of liquid therapy!

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For just a bit of more customization, they also offer super adorable and delicious edible garnishes for your beverages. We also recommend renting cute glassware for your big day. It may be a bit more expensive, but you can always go for plastic if necessary. Having cute glassware adds a different element than just a plain clear glass. Trendy glassware + tasty garnishes = a VERY unique drinking experience! 

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We love Couple of Bartenders and definitely recommend them to YOU! They are professional and definitely take pride in their services. If you are looking for a bartending company, check them out and enjoy the experience of having a liquid caterer serve you up!

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