How to Choose Your Bride Tribe


Your bride tribe is a group people who not only take on an important job, but also make your big day even more special. The bride tribe has a lot of responsibilities to make sure you have a joyful wedding season, but also are a pleasure to be around. Surround yourself with people who get you and make you happy. On the blog, we have tips on how to ask your bride tribe to be a part of your wedding day and what role each part plays. If you are looking at some cute knick-knacks like the ones pictured here, head to our favorite local boutique Frances Vintage.


What is the role of a Maid of Honor?

I know sometimes it is difficult to pick your maid of honor. You have to think about the job the maid of honor does. They are your right-hand woman, who has to be able to help you without adding on stress. The maid of honor’s job is to make sure you feel beautiful, but also give you an honest opinion. The maid of honor should help you with wedding planning, making decisions and navigating family difficulties and other stresses. They are the person you have a great and loving connection with that will also get the bachelorette party all set and ready to go. Keep in mind that the maid of honor should be a good listener and has a strong shoulder for you to lean on. The maid of honor will make sure you are the first priority on your wedding day. The maid of honor should be the leader of keeping you calm on your big day and ensuring that all of the bridesmaids are on the same page. You also have to think about who you want to have give a special speech on your wedding, a speech that you remember because it is sweet not painful to listen to! lol! Your maid of honor is your soulsister, while your fiancé is your soulmate.


How to choose your Bridesmaids?

Choosing your bridesmaids might be as difficult as picking your maid of honor. I know what’s going through your head, “I don’t want to leave anyone out or am I making the right decision?” Those are two big things, but it’s your wedding and your decision at the end of the day. You can have a huge bridal entourage or just a small one. You have to be honest with yourself and stay true to who you want standing next to you. Sometimes writing a list and writing pros and cons might help as well. Think about their responsibilities. It includes buying their own dress, travel expenses, pitching in for the bachelorette party, and paying for their own hair and make-up too. Evaluate your needs and expectations as well. Do what feels right to you and make sure you are happy at the end of the day!!


Bride Tribe Proposal Inspo

There are so many cute ideas out on the internet on how to “propose” to your bride tribe. We love the idea of hosting a girls brunch and asking your girlfriends to be in your bridal party all at the same time. This sets the tone for an exciting wedding planning season. Below are several ideas on gifts you can give your friends. We would love to add more ideas to the list! Comment below and tell us ideas that you have used or seen.

1. Customized Bridesmaid Bracelets  

2. Bridesmaid Themed Box of Goodies  

3. Wine Bottle with Custom Label saying, “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” 

4. Robes with Custom Bridesmaid Logos

5. T-shirts with Fun Phrases

6. A donut with a sign that says, “I donut want to get married without you.” 

7. Shot glasses that say, “Will you take a SHOT at being my Bridesmaid.” 


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