Picking Perfect Wedding Day Florals: All Things Considered + a Checklist


Initial thoughts of your wedding florals will obviously have you thinking about the big beautiful bouquet you’ll be holding throughout your big day…but what about everything else? There are many other floral pieces to consider when it comes to flowers, so we compiled a list to help you check all the boxes when planning your wedding.

Your Checklist

Each florist you encounter in your search will be a little different, but all things considered, these are a few of the things we have found to be crucial to investigate when signing someone on to your wedding wagon.

  • Bridal Bouquet

  • Bridesmaid Bouquets

  • Flower Crowns 

  • Throw Bouquet

  • Flower Girl Petals

  • Groomsmen Boutonnieres

  • Corsages

  • Ceremony Floral Pieces

  • Arch Florals

  • Centerpieces

  • Cake Flowers

  • Garlands


Achieving The Floral Goals You’ve Always Dreamt Of

Finding the ideal florist for your wedding is tricky. Our hope is to help you take the proper steps and consider the overlooked parts of finding the perfect florist. We’re going to give you the low-down on how to ensure you’ve found the right fit when deciding on a florist package for your special day.

Check Out Those Photos

Throughout the entire process of planning your wedding, attempting to envision exactly how it will look on your special day will be a circulating thought that never leaves the back of your mind. You don’t want to compare, but you definitely will want to get an idea of your florist’s sizing and style! Be sure to ask your florist for photos of their previous work, and it can’t hurt to get a little inspo along the way. The words, “four table runners and a bridal bouquet,” will have a whole other meaning once you have a few photos to fill the void in your imagination.

Thanks for being a part of our journey. If you know an incredible couple that has touched your life in an impactful way, or worked with a stellar wedding vendor that we can’t live another day without meeting, connect with us below so we can start riding tandem together!


What’s Necessary?

Evaluate the layout of your venue and the flow of the ceremony to decide exactly what florals you’ll want and where you’ll want them. Have you considered things like garlands, pew décor, and cake flowers? Maybe your venue is bare and needs a few extra floral arrangements to sweeten the place up a bit. Or, if you chose a venue that already has rich décor, you definitely won’t need as many of these pieces.

The Beauty of Adding a Wedding Planner to the Mix

There are so many details to consider and plan for. The beauty of having a wedding planner is that all of your worries disappear. Suddenly you have a point person to communicate all of these details so you as the bride don’t have to. You tell the florist your style and let us worry about the rest.

If you’ve already experienced getting flowers for yours or someone else’s big day, what are some things you loved and some things you had wished you thought of prior to the event?

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