5 Creative Ways to Share Your Vows


When it comes to exchanging your wedding vows, there are a few different ways you can go about it. Listed below, are 5 different unique and special ways you and your significant other can exchange your vows on your wedding day!

A Lil’ Notebook

1.    Write your vows in notebook that you give your significant other to keep after reading them to each other during the ceremony. Then, go back and write something new in the notebooks every year on your anniversary. 


Frame & Hang

2.    Write your vows on nice paper to read off to each other during the ceremony. Later on, frame those written vows and hang them on the wall in your bedroom.


Team Work Baby!

3.    Another way to create your vows would be to write a “collaborative vow” with your significant other. This would entail sitting down with each other prior to the wedding and writing down exactly what you are wanting to promise to each other on you special day.


A Letter to You

4.    If you are wanting to write personalized vows but do not wish to publicly share them during the ceremony and on top of that you also do not wish to do a “before reveal”, this option may work for you! Write your vows in the form of a letter, then have the maid of honor deliver the letter from the bride to the groom and the best man deliver the groom’s letter to the bride. 


Just you and me Darlin’!

5.    If you decide to do a before reveal prior to your ceremony, that time could be spent sharing your personalized vows. Doing it this way ensures a very intimate and private moment shared between you and your significant other (plus the photographer/videographer if you choose). 

Leave a comment below to tell us which idea was your favorite!

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