Ring, Ring, Ring, it is that time of the year… Valentine's Day!! And what could be more special then proposing on this loved-filled Holiday! We are here to be your cupid and educate you on how to choose an engagement ring your partner will love. Here are a few tips on what to look for that will help calm your nerves and guide you when choosing the perfect ring. Before you begin ring shopping, make sure you set a budget and be familiar with your partner’s style. If choosing the traditional diamond ring, remember the 4 C's and the S;

Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat, and Shape. 


This is the most important C. It is what has the exceptional magnetism on the diamonds sparkle. The more it sparkles, the more her eyes will sparkle. Even if the diamond is perfect in your eyes, that includes clarity and color grade, the clarity of the cut might be dull, we don't want that sparkle to go away. To sum it up easily, cut equals the divides in the diamond. If the cuts are too shallow, light escapes out of the bottom and if it is too deep, then it emerges out of the side. The more the cuts, the more the sparkle! Sparkles are a girl's best friend.


Color is the second most significant factor of the 4Cs. You may think of the colors of the rainbows, but when looking at engagement rings, the “color” is referring to the diamond's color or lack there of. The highest quality diamonds are colorless. Lower quality diamonds have noticeable color, showing as a soft yellow in most cases. If you're going to the right jeweler, they will help you see the differences between a colorless diamond and a yellow diamond. Make sure the diamond looks cloudless and doesn't have any tint of yellow to it. If they don't want a traditional diamond, there are always alternatives. Here is a list of popular engagement rings that are unique. 

  • Blue Topaz Engagement Ring  

  • Emerald Colored Engagement Ring 

  • Grey Diamond Engagement Ring  

  • Aquamarine Engagement Ring  

  • Topaz Engagement Ring  

  • Pearl Engagement Ring  

  • Rose Gold Engagement Ring  

  • Opal Engagement Ring 

  • Black Diamond Engagement Ring   

  • Raw Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring 


Clarity is usually the least critical of the 4cs because the tiny flaws are often microscopic. Even if you are buying the most expensive ring there will be some blemishes in the diamond. The only way you can see these imperfections is if you take a microscope to it. Diamonds are like marriages, there will always be imperfections, but at the end of the day all that matters is the love, time, and thought you put into buying the perfect ring suited for your perfect girl.


Diamond Carat is usually confused with the size when really it is about the WEIGHT. A high Carat diamond with a weak cut grade may look tinier, often cut deeper, compared to a diamond with smaller carat weight and a better cut. A metric "carat" is defined as 200 Milligrams. The different carats would be 0.50 ct, 0.75 ct, 1.00 ct, 2.00 ct, 5.00 ct, and so on. The price increases with the weight of the diamond. The size doesn’t matter, just the purity and clarity of it. But if you want to go big, GO BIG OR GO HOME. 


There are multiple different shapes available; on top of the traditional round diamond ring. All that matters is what defines your significant other. All diamond cuts are very diverse and have unique characteristics. The list below includes the different shapes to choose from! There are a variety of designs that are available to create a custom unique ring that will fit your partner’s style.  

  •  Round 

  • Princess 

  •  Emerald 

  •  Asscher  

  • Marquise 

  • Oval 

  • Radiant  

  • Pear 

  • Heart  

  • Cushion  

I loved giving tips and helping you pick out a diamond ring for your loved one. I hope these really help and I know whatever you choose will be the right ring. Keep in mind that the value of a diamond is determined using ALL of the 4cs, not just carat weight!!! I hope you ring in Valentine's Day with getting down on one knee.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Riding Tandem Team.