Meet Sandra from Whisk Chop: A Catering Extraordinaire


We're so happy to have you join us here as we have quite the special treat for you all. We would like to introduce to you a very special lady- one who is near and dear to our hearts!


Meet Sandra

World, meet the wonderful Sandra Gonzales, and if you already know her then boy are you the lucky one! Sandra is the creator of Whisk Chop, a Phoenix based catering company that creates exquisite dishes for a variety of events. We interviewed Sandra on her personal background, her journey with catering, and what it takes to prepare a meal to feed your guests on your wedding day. So if you're seeking a caterer, catering advice, or you just really love pictures of yummy food- read on! You won't be disappointed. 



Bringing people back to the table

Sandra was born into a family that spent more time gathered around the table together than spending their time on material items. Her mother always worked hard to provide the family with incredible meals, expressing her love through cooking. Sandra knew early on that she wanted to pursue cooking in order to bring people back to the table. Though her passion for creative cooking was prominent, Sandra didn't decide to go to culinary school until 2012.

Sandra got her inspiration and continues to get her inspiration from her mom, her students, her family, and her friends- but mostly from Jesus as He sought to bring His disciples back to the table as well.  



What sets Whisk Chop apart from other caterers?

My mantra is, an original piece of art is worth so much more than a carbon copy. So, I look and ask my clients to look at their event as an original piece of art.”
— Sandra Gonzales

Sandra wants her clients to know that a menu for a wedding isn't, "one size fits all." She wants to work with clients to allow the meal to reflect their lives and heritage. Fresh ingredients and love are KEY elements in the meals Sandra serves at weddings and events. Not only does Sandra make delicious food, she also serves it on the cutest vintage dishware that you can rent for your own event!



What should couples consider when hiring a caterer?

Sandra shared her insight for couples when they are considering hiring a caterer. Yes, it is important that the food is delicious, but it is just as important that the caterer makes you feel valued and important. Sandra suggested the following questions to ask a caterer in an initial meeting:

  • Do you have sample menus or will you work with me to create one of our own?
  • Do you accommodate dietary restrictions? 
  • Where do you source your ingredients?
  • What do you recommend for the ratio of serving staff to guests?
  • When will you need the final guest count?
  • What are the payment terms?



Be Our Guest

Throughout her time as a caterer, Sandra has cooked for an incredible amount of people. Her family will always be her most cherished dinner guests, but Sandra has also cooked for Baroness Jill Knight, Sandra Day O'Connor, Senator John Kyle, and Family Promise at Valley Presbyterian Church. Although she has delighted many guests with her meals, she hopes to feed you next!

We adore Sandra and we know that you will love her as much as we do. Whether you are searching for a caterer and you hit the jackpot here, or you were just looking for a bit of advice while planning your wedding, we hope that you found what you were looking for! We will leave you with Sandra's favorite meal and her contact information, should you decide to start on a journey with her that you absolutely won't regret.

A simple French meal with Filet of Beef with Marche de vin, Potato Fennel Gratin, seasonal vegetables, a salad with fresh bread and compound butter and for dessert, an old fashion butterscotch pudding with Chantilly cream topped with fresh berries.”
— Sandra Gonzales





Sandra Gonzales

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