The Ultimate Recap of our Wedding Vendor Open House

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If you were MIA, hiding under a rock, or doing a social media fast during the weeks leading up to February 3rd, then you probably weren’t aware of our Wedding Vendor Open House that took place at The Shemer Art Center. Luckily for you, we’ve got a recap coming your way with all the details on the awesome, participating vendors that you will definitely want to be a part of your big day! Let’s cut to the chase, I can’t wait to tell you about them!

Lisa of Beautiful Things Event Rentals

Talk about a game changer in the world of wedding furniture (this is much more than furniture though, let me tell you). From incredible living room set ups that appear in your venue, to ceremony arches, and head tables you didn’t even knew were a thing…Beautiful Things Event Rentals really breaches normalcy and passes into straight up magical. If you want to incorporate some classy lounge vibes into your wedding day, Lisa has your back!


Allison of Array Design

A floral dream come true…that’s all.

Just kidding, but really…ever been on Pinterest and had your jaw drop to the floor over a crazy beautiful bouquet that you probably think only exists on your dream wedding Pinterest board? Well, that bouquet was probably done by Array Design and good news, it exists in real life. Allison was our right-hand woman planning this open house and we wouldn't have it any other way! So thankful not only to have a fabulous florist around, but even more so a friend who has a similar vision as us and doesn't hesitate to make it a reality!


Holy beautiful, we’ve never seen anything like this before in our lives. Dessert First by Veronica has redefined the dessert game. Look for yourself, because there are truly no words to describe these incredible desserts. Want to wow your guests in a way they won’t ever expect? Or create memories you’ll never forget? This is the way to go. Her designs are jaw dropping gorgeous and we're not kidding when we say her cheese cakes melts in your mouth!

Alexandra Loraine Photography.jpg

Alexandra Loraine Photography

Alex’s photos are straight goals. Talk about swoon, where mystical meets reality. We are serious when we say you will absolutely not regret having her capture your special day. She captures intimate moments and has an eye for photographing your personalities and relationship in stunning ways. And can we just say that Alex is just a super chill friend that we love hanging out with? That's the kind of photographer I want around!


Koral of Braids and Bobby Pins

Um…we didn’t even know braids could look like this. Koral did quick hair demos at the open house and to put it plainly…everyone went crazy. Like the kind of crazy where you crowd around a table waiting patiently for your turn with seven other women. Her table was HOT! Too bad she doesn’t have more than two hands. Check out her website because she also does way more than braids and it’s amazing. Your wedding day hair can’t get any better than this.

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Sandra of Whisk Chop

Whisk Chop is a catering company that takes “dinner” to a whole new level. Not only does everything Sandra makes taste and look incredible, but the personal commitment to making your big day special is definitely evident. Get yourself a caterer that wants to see your big day play out flawlessly and will find a unique way to incorporate your style and taste buds in a creative way you have never seen before!

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Sarah and Kyle of Blue Eyes Productions

We know wedding videography has recently emerged as a popular part of a wedding day and we are excited to share that Blue Eyes Productions is one of the absolute best. We’ve never seen entire days depicted in such an accurate and precious way. The feelings and emotions roll off the screen as if the viewer is there in person. We also love that Sarah and Kyle are a couple duo! They are so fun to be around and you can trust them to capture your day in a way that you can enjoy time and time again.


Anthony of Caffio Espresso Bar

Do we even need words for this? A tiny, cute, delicious coffee cart serving liquid heaven on your big day. Not only will everyone be snapping pics with this cute as can be coffee cart, but the mid-wedding slump will perish before your eyes as your guests caffeine up before hitting the dance floor or heading home at the end of the night.

Aly of Aly Kirk Photo.jpg

Aly Kirk Photo

Am I dreaming? Aly’s work is inspiring and beautiful to the point where we can’t look away. She captures images so flawlessly that you won’t believe your eyes. If you want an exquisite capture of your big day, Aly Kirk is the girl for you.


Grace of Darling Detail

Darling Detail by Grace Hill is a small, start-up calligraphy company with BIG personality. It is no wonder that the word “detail” is included in her company name because boy are there a lot of those in her work…and yes, it is all darling. From invitations to signs to seating charts, Darling Detail does it all and does an incredible job at it.


DJ Brandon Yamaguchi

Brandon was super easy to work with and cultivated the perfect vibes we were looking for during our event. Brandon asked questions on what we wanted to hear and what kind of tunes we wanted going on throughout the open house and he did not disappoint. Not only was the music catchy, well transitioned, and fitting to the mood, but it was well-balanced and kept everyone engaged. We highly recommend this awesome DJ!



Kamalei with Lei Lettering

Lei Lettering is another calligraphy business that you won’t want to miss out on. From hand-sanded large wooden signs that will light up your ceremony to small, carefully painted accent pieces that bring all the details, Lei Lettering brings a magic to the table that you’ll definitely want to invite to your day. Kamalei also makes the cutest cactus coasters that we all want sitting on our coffee table!


Micah of Phoenix Photo Booths

You want a wedding that you can remember and that your guests can too, right? Phoenix Photo Booths is the way to do it. With copious amounts of fun props, your guests will be snapping photos left and right to hold onto for years to come.


Creations in Cuisine

If you’re looking for food to bring a bang to your reception tables, Creations in Cuisine is for you. The recipes are next level and will leave your guests going back for seconds, thirds, and like, fourteenths probably. They are not for the faint of mouth, only hire them if you want nothing less than incredible.


Taylor Made Macramé

You probably never knew you needed wedding macramé until you look it up right now…*cue Google search. * It’s just about the most beautiful thing that you can add to many aspects of your ceremony and reception. Taylor Made Macramé does an incredible job at creating pieces that will bring attention and awe to all the right places.


Daniel Elliott.jpg

Daniel of Anchor and Light Films

Another incredible videographer company that we are so stoked to share with you. You won’t even believe your eyes when you see the work they do and the way they can turn your day into a magical clip you can watch over and over. Your wedding day will happen so quickly, so let Anchor and Light Films create a forever memory for you.


Hannah of Yosh Treats


Hannah runs a small, start-up dessert company that is just the sweetest. Everything she makes is made by hand and creates an awesome, homemade vibe to your dessert table. Contact Hannah for some sweet dessert additions. Her cookie-butter pink macarons were a HIT at the open house!








SheaLyn Anderson Photography

Not only is SheaLyn an incredible photographer, but also just an amazing person in general. We love the intentionality she brings to the table when it comes to making sure you have photos that you will love and cherish for the rest of your life.


Amber of LipSense by SeneGence

We haven’t been swooned by a lip color until now. Not only are these colors out of this world and incredibly aesthetic, but they literally last all day. Reapplying lip stick on your wedding day will probably be the last thing on your mind, so let Amber hook you up with some LipSense to stay on all day so you don’t have to worry about it.

Riding Tandem Pix.jpeg

Carlie and the Riding Tandem Team, yours truly.

Hey, that’s us! If you didn’t know it already, we are a wedding planning and coordinating company, here to give your wedding day its fullest potential. You probably won’t have the time leading up to the big day and you definitely won’t have time the day of to be coordinating and making sure everything is moving smoothly on your wedding day. Let alone thinking of all the small details you didn’t even know mattered. We’re here to take care of everything so that you can enjoy the ride.

Welp, that's a wrap! So many incredible wedding vendors and we are so thankful to have connected with them. Your wedding day is a moment in time to declare your love for each other and party the night away with your loved ones. It's important to find a vendor team that will work together to create the vision you are dreaming of! We know these vendors won't disappoint. Check out their websites and follow their recent work on social media!

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