A Guide To All Things Calligraphy On Your Wedding Day

Calligraphy by:  Details by JG

Calligraphy by: Details by JG

From invitations to place cards, from Save the Dates to personal touches, calligraphy is a modern element that brides seem to be obsessed with! You may want a feminine, curly font or something more delicate and simple. Whatever your style may be, calligraphy is a gorgeous accent to your special day. But, what exactly needs calligraphy? Here is a checklist of some things that we think would look stunning with that beautiful, handwritten touch!

Start Early With The “Save The Dates” And Your Calligraphy Style

“Save the Dates” are the perfect thing to start with when planning your calligrapher. Calligraphers usually need quite a bit of notice if you are interested in booking, so “Save the Dates” are an easy beginner project since the only information you need is your date and venue! If you do decide to have your Save the Dates be the first, this is also a good time to pick what style of calligraphy you like! Optimize your Pinterest and show those ideas to your calligrapher, but please remember, each artist is different. Your Pinterest picture may not be exact to the actual product since calligraphy is such a complex art. So, discuss your style with your calligrapher and figure out what you want so the artist can use as much time as possible to create your paper sources. 

Calligraphy by:  Lola Lee Invitations

Calligraphy by: Lola Lee Invitations

It’s Getting Serious With These Invitations

Calligraphy by:  Ink and Press Co.

Calligraphy by: Ink and Press Co.

Invitations are the prime time to showcase your theme and style to your guests. This is a tangible part of your wedding that can document what the big day is all about! These will be a little more detailed than your “Save the Dates,” so make sure to confirm with your calligrapher that your style of calligraphy will still look great with a smaller font and more text. This is also the time that you would choose any other decorative accents, such as borders or images. 



Please Double Check Your Name Cards And Table Numbers!

Obviously, these have less text than the invitations or Save the Dates, however every single card has to be different! Every name, every table, none of them match. Therefore, this can end up being one of the more time-consuming projects since each one has to be done separately. Be patient with your calligrapher and please, (I mean please!), double check guests’ names and table numbers because something like a spelling error is minor but is really inconvenient in the long run. 


Calligraphy by: Kelly the Hobbyist


You Won’t Regret The Signage

Now, for the fun part! Signage can include things like your guest book, welcome signs, labels for food, really anything small decoration! This is obviously not necessary and if you can’t afford these extras, don’t stress it. But, to add a more personal touch and to tie all the calligraphy of your wedding together, I would definitely recommend doing at least one piece of signage. It’s interesting, unique and will probably end up being the star of the show, besides the bride of course! 

Calligraphy By:  Lei Lettering

Calligraphy By: Lei Lettering

Calligraphy is such a beautiful, elegant, and unique way to add a bit of personality to your wedding. No matter what font, size or color you decide to use, it can really show who you and your partner are as a couple. If you have the extra cash and want to personalize your wedding, we definitely recommend checking out some vendors. You won’t regret it. 



And, don’t forget to check out the vendors we showcased in this blog post! 

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Cover Photo | Details by JG

“Save the Dates” | Lola Lee Invitations

Invitations | Ink and Press Co.


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