How You Can Plan a Wedding for You and Not The People You're Trying to Please


Our wedding day is one of the most important days of our lives. So much time, effort, and money go into making this magical day happen and when you have people wanting a certain thing to happen, it puts you in a place of hesitation because of course you want your guest to enjoy their time! But when you have them being consistent on why you should have a gold and navy color scheme or what flowers you should have make an appearance, it starts to get a bit overbearing! It’s totally okay to take their ideas into consideration and politely decline. It’s YOUR special day, you don’t have to incorporate anybody’s opinion but yours and your fiancé’s (and maybe an idea of anybody who might be helping you financially)!



I’m sure a majority of you all have seen Say Yes to The Dress at some point in their life. We all know that part of the show when the bride’s mom or best friend isn’t the biggest fan of something that they absolutely LOVE. It usually ends up with at least someone crying and without a doubt, it’s awkward and sad. Yes, it’s going to happen. But if there is something you absolutely love and only one person doesn’t have a positive thing to say about it, you shouldn’t have to go back to the drawing board and find another one where everyone is happy. There are going to be those people who don’t agree with everything you choose and it’s okay! What matters most is how you feel at the end of the day.


Family traditions are always sweet gestures to see being incorporated into your special day! If you have a family member being insistent that you get married at the church that everyone from previous generations have gotten married at, it’s completely okay to say no (as long as you do it in a sincere way)! A way that you could solve this issue without causing harm is by sitting down and discussing that although it’s important to carry on that family tradition, you don’t necessarily have to follow it. Who knows! You could find an alternative solution that you could incorporate into your special day that will make everyone happy!


We all know that weddings can get costly, especially when the amount of people attending starts to grow. A lot of couples who are planning their wedding often have a strict “No Kids Allowed” rule or they’re hard on the whole plus one concept. It’s normal to have those who are upset with the fact that they can’t bring their whole family of 9 that consists of 7 children, you just have to learn to be okay with saying “sorry, it’s not happening.” Many people believe that weddings are a free-for-all but when you’re trying to keep your budget in mind, there are things that you just have to say no to, even if it makes the other party upset.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days that you will probably ever have! There is always going to be someone who has something negative to say or not like the choices you have for dinner, but it’s SO normal! Having differences is what makes every wedding a unique one! Don’t let other people’s opinion bring yours down!

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