Carlie and Robert's Travel Guide To Portland + Recap


Traveling is probably my favorite thing to do with Robert! Getting out of our regular routine and away from responsibilities for a few days to explore new places is exhilarating. This month, our dear friends Liz and Xavier got married in the PNW and it was the perfect excuse to book a quick trip to Portland! 


The One Where Robert And Carlie Went To A Camping Wedding

Liz and I met my first week of college in Hegel Hall. Funny fact, we actually met several times, but it wasn’t until about the third time meeting that she actual remembered meeting me! We became super close during college, going on weekly coffee dates talking about life. She knew me before I met Robert, through our dating phase, and was in our wedding. So, when Liz met Xavier and asked me to be in her wedding, of course I said yes! Liz is a pretty unconventional girl and her wedding reflected that. She and Xavier had a camping wedding. You heard me, camping! We stayed in little birdhouses and then woke up in the morning and witnessed Liz and Xavier say their vows to each other in a beautiful green meadow. It was cold…but beautiful!


After the wedding/camping extravaganza, Robert and I went to Portland! I was pretty eager to take a hot shower and sleep in a warm bed. My favorite way to travel is to stay in an Airbnb because it makes the experience feel much more like we are locals and living in the area for a few days as opposed to staying in a sterile hotel. This trip, we stayed in the Pearl District of Portland. I intentionally picked a location where we were in walking distance of most of the sites we wanted to see, so we didn’t have to pay more for transportation. 


Traveling isn’t complete without good food and coffee and Portland does NOT disappoint. These were some of our favorite spots!

Never Enough Caffeine


We hit up Coffeehouse Northwest which has my favorite homemade caramel latté. 

Liz worked at Good Coffee for years and they had a location less than a mile from our Airbnb. Their Americano did not disappoint! 

Stumptown is everywhere in Portland and we ended our trip with a cup there in the airport. 

Other top-notch coffee shops on our list that we didn’t make it to this trip include: Heart Coffee, Barista, Never Coffee, and Coava Coffee

FOOOOOD---Get In My Belly


Our first stop was Happy Hour at the ACE Hotel in their cute little restaurant called Clyde Common. Their popcorn was TO DIE FOR! I could eat it every day.

Portland City Grill had outstanding views of the city and also had a bomb Happy Hour. Their kale salad, steak sandwich and Cosmo were delish!

Treats are on every corner… and we were on vacation, so we indulged! We had ice cream at both Salt & Straw and Ruby Jewel. I heard that Cloud City Ice Cream competes, but we didn’t make it there. We rode our bikes to Pip’s Doughnuts which pretty much melt in your mouth. At one point I think I saw Robert stuff two in his mouth at once, YOLO. VooDoo Doughnut is a tourist spot with their blasting music and edgy doughnut selection. We got lucky and happened to be going by the shop when there wasn’t a line, so we snagged one of those too! 

What Did We Do?

There is so much to do and see in Portland. My favorite way to explore new places is on a bike, so we rented their city bikes and pedaled over the Broadway Bridge and all over the North side of Portland. 

Powell’s books is a must-see, especially if you are a book worm like me. You can seriously get lost in this book store. Before we walked in, Robert and I agreed that we were only each allowed to buy one book-LOL! I bought “Stay Sexy Don’t Get Murdered” because it was recently published and I love their podcast! 

We shopped downtown and strolled down NW 23rdstreet. If we had more time, I would have loved to take a day trip to Multnomah Falls, Short Sands Beach, and the Japanese Gardens. The landscape alone in Oregon is breathtaking with all the green trees and water. 





To be transparent, Robert and I laughed and had fun on our trip, but we also argued more than once. Life is not colorful doughnuts, ice cream for lunch, and a luxurious view every day. Relationships are messy. Fight for time with your person. Even if it’s been a hard day, or a hard season for that matter, make time for adventures (and fancy coffee). Something about time away can hit the refresh button. We are in this together, friends! I’d love to hear what trips you have planned for the summer or what we missed in Portland that we should add to our list! Comment below. 


Much Love,