Reflecting on our Wedding Day

What I Loved Most and What I Would Have Done Differently on My Wedding Day

Robert and I got married before I started working in the wedding industry and looking back on that day, I have lots of thoughts! Today on the blog, I’m sharing the areas where I wouldn’t change a thing and also what I would have planned differently.  

Big Wedding Party! 

I absolutely looooved having a big wedding party! Robert and I each had seven friends standing by our side. Although some people might have thought it was over the top, we were all about it! We wanted the day to be upbeat with all of our favorite people surrounding us and every moment felt like a party.  


First Look

Doing a first look instead of the tradition of waiting to walk down the aisle was the best decision we made. It was such a special and intimate moment that we were able to share together. We were able to take our time giggling in excitement and shed a few tears together instead of quickly glancing at each other and then at the officiant to get on with the ceremony. First looks are also the best way to get all of the photos taken ahead of time, so you and all of your wedding guests can immediately start the party after the ceremony. No one enjoys waiting around for hours while all of the photos are taken.  


More Dancing

The one thing I wish we had more of at our wedding reception was more time on the dance floor! I underestimated the amount of time we would have, and we didn’t have much wiggle room with our venue rental to extend it. All that to say, budget enough time to mingle with all of your guests and bust some moves before the night is over! 

Late Start Time

Our wedding did not start until 7:00pm and I did this intentionally because I didn’t want to rush through the biggest day of my life! Having the ceremony late in the evening made the day so much more enjoyable. I was able to get up and go for a run with my dad in the morning, leisurely get my hair and make-up done with my girls, take all of our photos, and hang out with my wedding party before all of the festivities began. Why rush through a day to get to the vows when we can enjoy each and every part of the build up?   


Choose a Color for Bridesmaid Dresses

When it came to choosing wedding colors I was set on being “classic” and “timeless.” For whatever reason I came up with a reason why I didn’t want every color in the rainbow. Either everyone I knew already used it, the color clashed with skin tones, it was too bright, too boring, or too you name it. I ended up choosing white bridesmaid dresses because it “looked good on everyone.” And although all of my girlfriends looked GORGEOUS, I wish I would have chosen a different color. Let’s just say on more than one occasion I heard the joke, “Carlie with her seven virgins” LOL!!! 


This seems like a no-brainer, but at the time I wasn’t a wedding planner and I thought my mom and I had everything planned out to the nth degree. And even though we were organized and planned out the details, there were more than several moments throughout the day where a wedding coordinator would have been a life saver! I wish on my wedding day I wasn’t thinking about keeping with the timeline and wondering if everything was set in place. A bride shouldn’t have to do that, and neither should their family in my opinion. So, even if you are the most organized bride on the face of the planet and you planned out every detail, do yourself a favor and hire a wedding coordinator to be the point person of the day. 

I hope you enjoyed learning from my experience as a bride turned wedding planner. The truth about life is there will always be things that don’t go as planned. By the time the wedding day is upon you, it is too late to make changes. Embrace every moment. Those uh-oh moments will turn into funny memories. Laugh it off and enjoy your wedding day with those you love most! At the end of the day, you are married to your best friend and that sounds like a successful wedding to me!  


Invitations | Laura Gonzales 

Gown | The Wedding Bell 

Bridesmaid Dresses | Bill Levkoff 

Rings | John Yourk Jewelry Designs 

Venue | Historic 1625 Tacoma Place

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